Video Release and Noisetrade announcement!

Hi there, friends. I certainly hope that things are well in your world. By all evidence we are pretty well into the swing of winter. Here in my neck of the woods we’ve been hovering around the teens for the last week or so, which seems excessive. I’ve had such high hopes for global warming, but at least here in Arkansas we are firmly resisting that kind of progress. So, now with the hope and cheer of the holidays finally behind us we can settle into the existential despair that is our faithful companion this time of year. My pipes froze and my heater went out on New Year’s Day, which coincidentally was the coldest day of the year where I live. I was trying hard to sleep off the previous nights debauchery (chamomile tea and a 10:00 bedtime) when I realized at 6 AM that I could see my breath. So most of the day was spent out in the cold working on plumbing and my heater. Apparently this year I need to resolve to use less swear words. 

A couple of music-y related happenings I wanted to keep you abreast of. First off, today we’re releasing our second single from the album in the form of a lyric video.

The song is called “Long Way Around” and it’s the closing track on the album.  The music on it was super-fun to work on and turned out great, in a choir-y, delta blues-ish, gospel-y sort of way. Lots of beautiful voices on it-in particular Taylor Breen, Addi Panter, Lauren Settembrini, as well as Jon Jones, Dee Wilson and the Chicago crew that lent their lovely pipes. This song captures the deepest hope I possess better than anything else I’ve written. I sincerely hope you enjoy it. 

Secondly- I’m doing a push on Noisetrade over the next couple of weeks. If you’re unfamiliar, Noisetrade is a site where people can download music in exchange for email addresses. I’m giving away the pre-release singles (Fragments, If I Could, and Long Way Around). If you’re reading this, then clearly I have your email address- and I will be sending all of you the full album on January 19th, so- no need to visit there…BUT, if you wanted to share this (and the video!) on your socials that would be lovely and super helpful. 

Alright, I think that’s it. All the best to you, friends! Dane