Many Thanks- 

Not so long ago, when people used to buy actual physical albums, an artist could use the liner notes to give thanks and credit to the people that had contributed to the process.  This may or may not still be the case, but I confess that I myself haven’t bought a physical album in some time, so I’m not sure. However, given the number of folks who have given time and energy to this project, and the depth of contributions I would’ve had to have pages and pages of liner notes, all in tiny print. It’s just not feasible. So, here instead are my thanks. 

I’m lucky enough to have made this record with friends. Actually, I made this record because of my friends. So, to all you beautiful folks spread out between Arkansas and Atlanta and all over: In all honesty, I would not have chosen to do this without your pushing, and I certainly could not have done it without your talents and help. The soft encouragements and firm kicks in the ass were badly needed and deeply appreciated. May more people have friends like you. 

First and foremost to David Walker- this album exists largely because of you. You believed in the songs and championed to give them a place. Your work to produce, arrange, engineer, play on, sing on, and mix this album has been unbelievable.  I cannot appropriately thank you or compensate you for the time and passion you poured into these songs. You are one of the most beautiful hearted men I’ve ever known. Thank you, David. 

To the players, singers, and others: 

Aaron Keyes- Your lovely, distinctive work on the piano ended up being the sound most of these songs are built on. I will never forget listening to you play the outro to “We Lie Together”, and my gut response when you didn’t let it resolve. Genius. Your home and your example have been the reasons I began to take songwriting seriously. 

Preston Hayden- Bass man extraordinaire. Watching you communicate in the studio was eye-opening. Your sense of musical nuance was inspiring and took our arrangements into a far more interesting territory. And your stank-face is unparalleled. 

Ryan Siders- I love the drums on this album, Ryan. Every time I listen to “Abigail, Dear” the snare line makes me smile. Thanks for holding these songs down in such a tasteful way- and for being so peaceful every time I was off with the click track. 

Matt Podesla- The guitars sound gorgeous on these songs, Matt. If good sense hadn’t held me back I would have had you play a slide solo on every one. Thank you for working so hard to find the right tone and to approach each song uniquely. Big thanks for putting me up in Nashville and working through performance arrangements!  Truly, you are one of the most helpful and encouraging humans I know. 

Jay Arrington- Your cello brought emotion and complexity to the songs you played on- dark and lovely. Likewise, your programming gave depth and intrigue that otherwise would have been missed.  Thank you! 

Taylor Breen, Addi Panter, Lauren Settembrini, Dee Wilson, Jon Jones- So grateful for the knockout vocals you added to “Long Way Around”. I had heard that big, choir-y chorus in my head for months before we recorded it, but it didn’t sound nearly as pretty as the real thing. Taylor- thank you for being the voice of “Abigail Dear”. Just perfect. 

Zac Brooks- Your engineering during the recording process made things go smoothly. You made space for David to stay in the room with the band- so, so helpful. Thoroughly enjoyed our “save the whales”/dual-sport motorcycles talk over pizza. 

Drew Lavyne at All Digital Mastering- it was an honor to have your prodigious talents on the mastering end of this thing. Thanks for making it shine. 

Lastly to my sweet family: You are the thing I like most. 

To the 5 kids that have ruined my sleep, trashed my house, emptied my bank account, and cost me endless hours of anxiety- please don’t ever stop doing those things. I love you so. 

And to my Hannah- Quiet, kind, faithful, passionate, powerful, funny, fearless, reckless- all that plus absolutely stunning. You’re more than a man like me deserves, that’s for certain. There's nothing that I would ever do that I wouldn't choose you to do it with.