While It Lasts

Hey there, sweet people. I hope you're well. 

Back in September my family and I were getting ready to leave on a long road trip. My Pop's house had been on the market and it was looking as though it would sell while we were away. I decided to spend one last night in the house. Surround myself with his nearness, sleep in his bed, breathe him in, maybe for the last time. I confess, I was as fearful of that night as I have ever been of anything. 

In actuality it wasn't frightening at all. There were no ghosts. There were no voices. Just the quiet peace of my dads house. 

I sat down at the piano around 1:00 AM and began writing this song. While It Lasts 

While It Lasts 

I will turn the key and walk inside your house 

breathing through my nose and breathing through my mouth 

and hold inside my lungs the fragrance of the past 

and I will smell your smell while it lasts 

While it lasts I will hold on tight 

While it lasts I will not let go 

Even though I know that every moment soon will pass 

I will hold on tight while it lasts 

I can hear your voice, 

the way you said my name 

I can hear the way you cried 

when we sang "Amazing Grace" 

The way it made me feel every time you laughed 

and I will hear your voice while it lasts 

I can see you now, you're so clear in my mind 

The sorrow in your smile and the sparkle in your eye 

The picture starts to fade as time begins to pass 

But I will hold on to your memory 

I will hold on tight while it lasts