Album Release Date Changed!

Yep, you saw that right- the release date for the album has been pushed back to January 19th. There was an unfortunate chain of circumstances (all of my own making) that made it impossible to get the album delivered to Itunes, Spotify, etc. until mid-January. Apparently, those companies are too busy making money hand over fist through the holiday season to worry about an album no ones interested in from an artist no ones ever heard of.  Of all the nerve… 

Dry your eyes though- all shall be well. Here are a couple things that will happen in the meantime: 

We’ll release a live take video of the song “If I Could” next Friday, 12/8. It was shot by the super talented Jesse Carr of Dogwood Films and my whole family shows up in it. 

Friday, January 5th we’ll release another single/lyric video from the album- probably “Long Way Around”. But probably, definitely, maybe could be another song. 

Monday, January 15th I’ll send out an early release download of the entire album to you guys. 

Aaand finally, January 19th it will be available to stream or purchase on all the normal platforms. 

I think that’s about it. So appreciate you folks hanging in there and being interested. It means an awful lot. I am recognizing how difficult it is to be an independent artist doing all of this stuff for the first time. I am clueless and overwhelmed. Although, those are kind of my default settings anyway so it’s not that big of a deal. 

Love to you all! Dane